TEAM Events

Aquadarts host a variety of fun team-building events all year-round


Camping at Community


Swimmers pitch their tents and camp out at Community one evening in June each year.  Kids get to swim and play until dark, eat lots of food, enjoy an outdoor movie, sleep (a little!), and get up in the morning for practice, followed by a big brunch!

City Championships Swim Meet


Annual summer-ending meet for DART Age Group swimmers combined with our Summerdart swimmers. A three-day meet held at Community Pool, followed by the annual tossing of all swim coaches in the pool, and a pool party, complete with bouncy house/water slide.


Buddy Night

Annual in September

Buddy Night is a gathering of all swimmers from all ages. Buddy Groups are created, with younger (8-Under), middle (9-11) and older buddies (12-up) then gathering together the evening after our annual fall meet. Buddies bring food to share for a group Buddy dinner, play games together (highlighted by a huge scavenger hunt), and then enjoy free swimming together at Community Pool.

Annual Aquadart Awards Banquet

Annual in November

DART swimmers are recognized and awarded for their swimming achievements in the prior swim season at the annual banquet.


Team Breakfast

Each year when practices resume after our winter break the team will visit a local restaurant for a fun breakfast together.

Holiday swims/parties

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc

We have special practices on holidays for our 12-Under swimmers, and have an annual Holiday party each Christmas with fun swim sets, a feast, and gift exchange.

Polar Bear Challenge

Younger kids are challenged to attend as many practices and meets as possible in the cold months of December and January. Points are given for this, and incentives are offered for points, with the goal being to earn a Polar Bear Party, where the kids enjoy Ice Cube Relays and Ice Cream Sundaes. If they earn enough points, they get to throw their coaches in, but so far all coaches have stayed dry!


Olympic Training Center

Annual in early spring

Each year the top swimmers in our Senior group are invited to attend a training camp at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. These swimmers spend 1-2 weeks living and training alongside U.S. Olympic Athletes and National Team members.

Senior Recognition Night

Annual in May

Graduating high school seniors are recognized at this annual gathering.  Each swimmer is celebrated, with the evening capped off with a video of the swimmers’ photos from childhood through high school.

DART Olympics Meet

Annual in May

Age Group swimmers are assigned to one of six countries, and these countries then race each other for the title of Olympic Team Champ. There’s a pre-meet parade with swimmers waving flags and wearing tattoos of their countries. Following the meet, swimmers enjoy pizza, popsicles, and playtime in the pool.



JO Fire-Up Parties

Twice a year, before each of our JO Championship Meets

All swimmers attending JO’s enjoy a fire-up party each spring and summer prior to JO’s. In the spring, swimmers enjoy a pasta feed, and in the summer a breakfast brunch. Swimmers practice team cheers, play games, and make posters for the meet

Movie Nights

3 or more times each year our 12-Under swimmers have a movie night together.  Swimmers have a group swim practice followed by dinner, treats, and watch a movie together.

More Events

  • Travel Meets: DART Swimming travels across the country and sometimes internationally to multiple meets each year.
  • Special Olympics: Every summer, our older swimmers have the opportunity to volunteer and coach for the Special Olympics.